Friday, November 04, 2005

Oranges...the bottom of the barrel?

More than any other fruit, the orange is associated with its high vitamin C content.

Not surprisingly it is the primary source of vitamin C for many people in many countries. However oranges have more to offer nutritionally than just this one nutrient: a small orange contains generous levels of folate (folic acid), potassium, and thiamine, as well as some calcium and magnesium. (This and all you need to know here)

Orange trees are semitropical non-deciduous trees and probably originated in Southeast Asia; although everyone takes oranges for granted now at one time they were expensive and only rarely available in cooler climates; these days they ‘right up there’ with bananas and apples.

Skin colour is not a good guide to quality: Some oranges are artificially coloured with a harmless vegetable dye, while others may show traces of green although they are ripe. Through a natural process called "re-greening," the skins of ripe oranges sometimes revert to green if there are blossoms on the tree at the same time as the fruit; this is because the tree produces chlorophyll to nourish the blossoms, and some of the pigment may be taken up by the mature fruit. Oranges that have "re-greened" may actually be sweeter because they are extra-ripe.

Don’t get me wrong…I started this because I like oranges and nutrition(and the word begins with an ‘O’...gulp) , I thought a picture of oranges would look good on my blog (I think it does) and apparently some film directors like the look of oranges on the set, I liked this…oh God…Father.

...and even if any guys out there don't like the taste just look what thy can do for you...and I heard small ones are more juicy!


Kayfer Kettle said...

The smell of an orange being peeled, can only have been invented by God.

Wonderful fruit, that also look good on a blog page!

K x

Kayfer Kettle said...

Thanks for the eye candy too mate.

Very good o' ya!

It's done me almost as much good as a does of Vitamin C!

K x

Gavin Corder said...

What do you think of Span's carrot K? I've got a sword! :-)

Span Ows said...

Steady...steady on there!!! You'll have the poor girl all a quiver


...Oh the cursor...yeah right!

ianhug66 said...

Yeah, what's with the carrot? how do you get these cursor things? Six has a sword, I'd like a gun. Have a good weekend mate..

Span Ows said...

Ian, just go to then click on the cursor link on the left hand side. There you find a list of subjects, animals, cartoons, moon and stars etc. the carrot and Gavin's sword are in the miscellaneous section.

Just copy the text of the cursor you want and paste it into the body of your template!....Christ i'm beginning to sound like Gavin!!!!...;-)

I didn't see a gun but there is a link to request what you want!!!

Will copy this post to your site as well.