Saturday, April 21, 2007

Opportune outfit...

Update 24/04/07: A triumph indeed: no doubt the scantily clad beauties helped produce the near record turnout!
Just a quick line to congratulate Triumph, apparently Europe's largest manufacturer of women's underwear, lingerie etc, on their efforts to get the French voting public out to elect a new President. According to Elainne Ros in Paris, reported in El Periodico; some women's groups aren't too happy - whyever not - decrying the poster campaign as sexist.

As well as this poster stating "With me there'll be no abstaining" there's another celebrating that "At last a well supported candidate" can imagine how well supported :-)
Sorry for the loooooong delay in posting (4 months!!!) : various reasons, no excuses, hope to post more often.



IsobelMagsBuchan said...

Blimey Ows, your blog is no longer neglected. I shall have to change the link from my blog!

I cannot comment on Triumph's efforts with regard to the French election but I will say this for them; they are the only company that manufacture decent, pretty, sexy and most of all comfortable bras for the fuller figured woman. Others can offer sexy and uncomfortable or nice and uncomfortable or comfortable and definitely not sexy or nice or pretty but not the full combination.

Span Ows said...

Mags, you absolute dear...thanks for the comments. I'm sure Triumph are the best...(whistle)...decent/pretty/sexy/ fuller figure....weehay...ooooooohhhhh....hmmmmm...time for my medication methinks... :-)