Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Out, out, out...

Update 09/05/07: a bit late but I've just seen another article from the weekend linked to NL dodgy practices: snouts in the trough as ever [Link] ...or THIS from the DT, why not just keep it simple - let the people keep their money and raise the bottom rate so lower earners don't pay: Low tax, small government, sound familiar :-)

First THIS and now THIS...all running away, jumping ship. Blair said of Reid's descision to stand down as "You have been an immense figure in the Government over this past decade, fulfilling a number of crucial positions at vital moments, with distinction,"...oh, when and what was that then?
"We have to make sure the Labour Government is in touch with the people of this country, that’s the most important thing."
This was said by Hazel Blears...I have to say I spat out my coffee (decaf, it's past eleven at night!), I mean does she not see the irony? It's a bit fucking late Hazel dear. The corrupt - I use that word intentionally - bunch of arse-wipes who couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery have been filling their pockets and milking the profits for years...in touch with the people? Doh!

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