Saturday, November 10, 2007

Operation Orchard oblivion...

Has this been forgotten, or disregarded? Why is there almost no news; why are there no ripples in the world pond re the Israeli bombing of Syrian 'nuclear' material from North Korea and other infrastructure in September this year? Last month in the Spectator James Forsyth and Douglas Davis reported how it came "So close to war"... World War Three. This was alluded to 'by a very senior British ministerial source' whom told The Spectator 'If people had known how close we came to world war three that day there’d have been mass panic.'
"The scale of the potential threat — and the intelligence methods that were used to follow the transfer — explain the dense mist of official secrecy that shrouds the event. There have been no official briefings, no winks or nudges, from any of the scores of people who must have been involved in the preparation, analysis, decision making and execution of the operation. Even when Israelis now offer a firm ‘no comment’, it is strictly off the record."
"The secrecy is itself significant." I'll say so: the silence is deafening.

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