Friday, March 28, 2008"Jarre breathes again with Oxygene" [BBC] If you're interested, he has his own Blogspot blog. Oxygene Part IV (as a single) is probably amongst the best known pieces of electronic music ever; if you like/liked it or want to listen to part of it turn your speakers up and go HERE. Oxygene is considered by some to be the most important and influential electronic music album ever being more 'easy on the ear' than JMJ's contemporaries: the German bands Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream; the latter were on Virgin Records in the 70's along with Mike Oldfield who's Tubular Bells (smart boy that Branson!) probably vies for position at the top of the league with Oxygene. Jarre is currently performing in the UK as part of the Oxygene 30 year anniversary...using the same instruments as the original recording! The album cover is apt for the times too!


The Great Gildersleeve said...

I have long given up reading newspapers(much as I liked doing so)because it means either having them delivered and regularly and using a taxi to the shops to buy them or pay the bills which makes them much more expensive.

And they will not deliver odd papers on request. One of the big weekend papers actually gave away a re-issue of the cd Oxygene quite recently. I was sorry that I missed it.

Perhaps I'll download the tracks or invest and buy a copy. I guess it has it's place in popular music history.

I used to love picking up newspapers left behind by passengers upon arrival at Kings X station on the trail and spending the rest of the journey down to Bournemouth reading them.

And now with some of the free papers that are available, that would be great these days. But I digress and this is another topic.

Span Ows said...

No worries, I miss reading the papers: I was (am) a crossword freak and I too have made use of digaurded papers on trains etc. The Metro is a very good free one in London these days (or was!...or maybe it's called something else!!!)

Now I get nearly all my news online (barring the Spanish press in the bars I frequent...more for coffee/breakfast these days rather than EVERY day for beers...habits I digress!). I've just decided to maybe restart a couple of magazine subscriptions that have lapsed.

I bought Oxygene when it first came out, and later Equinox but haven't bought any more of JMJ albums except the The Essential ("greatest hits" type thing)...I think I must be a starnge fish musically because I remember getting it at the same time liking other non-lyric music (Rick Wakeman etc,) Being 'into' Genesis, Yes but also a bit punky/mod (!!!) loved The Clash, and 'introducing' the Jam to my school, going down to Brighton on scooters (mod/rocker 'revival')...ah well...happy days!

Paul said...

Oh the irony! A piece of music that sucked the oxygen out of popular music was called Oxygene.

No, sorry that's not fair, thing is if you put anything by JMJ up against the 20 minute version of Autobahn it sucks. Mind you not everything about the tiny French man is bad, I mean I'd swap all my Kraftwerk music for half an hour with Charlotte!

The only bad thing I can say about my late brother was his taste in music: JMJ, Mike Oldfield, The Rubettes, The Eagles, Genesis (post Peter Gabriel) and UB40 - I think all those years drilling into walls as an electrician made him tone deaf.

Span Ows said...


The Rubettees??!!!

Funnily enough King and the first UB40 stuff I liked too...

After you earlier Kraftwerk comments on at least 2 posts I thought you wouldn't be keen :-)

presumably not TD either???

The Great Gildersleeve said...

Ahh memories,
I guess we've always had manufactured pop even though we think of the boy and girl bands of today or those performers connected to tv shows like Pop Idol etc...

As for the earlier talk of sacred music, funnily enough Jane Asher the actress was interviewed today by Aled Jones and she ended the interview with a hymn and admited she has no believe as such but still as we said can be moved by this type of music and still can wonder about the beauty and amazing things that happen in nature and the world around us.

She put it much more elequently than I am doing so here.

As you did when mentioning the sound of some of the wonderful organ music echoing around a church.

Paul said...

I actually like Tangerine Dream Span, when I bought an album of their's back in 1976 it shocked a few people I knew because I was such a rock n roll fan. Thing is my taste in music has always been eclectic - I still have Phaedra on my mp3 player.

Span Ows said...

Gildy, I may have to post on organs (CHurch otgans!)

Paul...eclectic, good word, yes me too...I nearly sarcastically replyed to your first reply (re your bro and bad taste in music) by slating JMJ and pro kraftwerk (no probs really) by saying...this from someone who has recently posted 'I don't know how to love him' sang by Yvonne Eliman blah blah blah...hehehehe

Phaedra was probably what got me interested in TD but I didn't buy it, bought Sorcerer (Wages of Fear film) at the same time as In The City and Julie Covington's Only Women theres' eclectic for you!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey this is nostalgia corner.
Been a while but still enjoy the content and debate - Sorry will try to visit more frequently.
Not Inter Spin but contemporary!
To happy days and watching the happy slappy fights!

Kenji Mouchard

Span Ows said...

Hi kenji! Welcome back...I hope all is well.

Be good