Saturday, May 31, 2008

Offbeat option...

Didn't see or hear any of Eurovision (unlike 105 million others!!!) except the Spanish version that had been assailing the TV, media and airwaves for the past few months...thank God it's over: I don't hate many tunes but the only emotion I got from the annoying 'chiki-chiki' was a wish to smash the guy in the face (apologies to actor David Fernandez); this was an emotion I can't remember having since Joe Dolce with 'Shaddup Your Face' prevented Midge Ure's Ultravox becoming Number One with 'Vienna' - unbelievable. Anyway, the only reason I posted this - and the offbeat option of the title - was Alcuin's 'Whatever' blog and his comments; also fantastic alternative Eurovision entries in his first reply, one of which - the suggestion for the German entry - I post HERE. Turn the volume up all you headbangers and Lego lovers!

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bonnie said...

Posting clips of lego figures and not linking to to the lovely ladies pics ...Are you feeling ok? ;-)
As to the Eurovision...lost interest waaaaaaaaaaay back and only watch the results to see the political voting.

Span Ows said...

Me too Bonnie...waaaaay back. Funnily enough even back then the political/hate/any reason but the song voting was quite amusing.

I'm toying (hehehe) with the idea of approaching Lego to produce some erotic art figures, perhaps an adult arcade at Legoland?

You posted your comment in the early hours just as I was playing with my