Saturday, November 22, 2008

Observing odd occasions...

Just catching up on the day and was horrified earlier by the record defeat of the England rugby team on home soil; they lost 6 - 42 against a rampant and merciless (who can blame them?) South Africa...imagine my surprise to see that on this very day 5 years ago England won the Rugby World Cup! Our record since then - apart from the 2007 World Cup (???!!!) - has been dire to say the least.

Following that up I noticed that it was the day when all Americans over a certain age remember where they were/what they were doing...President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas...imagine my horror again to realise I had forgotten that this was the day, 18 years ago, when Margaret Thatcher was forced to resign as Prime Minister...some call it the UK's equivalent of remembering where they were. Thanks to Ian Dale for the reminder! By the way, I was in Venezuela at the time on the flood plains of the Orinoco listening to the BBC world service.

Finally, speaking of Venezuela, tomorrow el pueblo venozolano go once more to the polls to vote in local elections for municipal mayors and also for governors of the country's 23 states and el Distrito Capital (Caracas). Chavez remains popular but many of his 'chosen ones' are not so Hugo is making the election one about him and to that end has been travelling around rallying support along with the usual threats and insults.

"In the past, mere association with President Chavez was enough for local candidates to pull in the votes they needed for victory. That's no longer guaranteed."

Hence the frenzied activity by Chavez himself "cranking up the rhetoric", almost everyone expects some losses in support for Chavez from the last elections (2004), how many will depend, as in most elections, on the oppositions' turnout.

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Paul said...

I can remember the World Cup Final in 2003 as it came at the end of the week when I had my heart attack. I should have been in Glasgow watching Rangers v Aberdeen but I was at home listening to England finally win something!

I can also remember the day Kennedy died although it didn't register at the time (I was only 3 1/2). The only thing I remember is the BBC News globe in black and white spinning round before Robert Dougal appeared - I don't know why I was watching the T.V - perhaps it was nearly tea time and my Dad was due home from work.

Mrs Thatcher resiging I can remember more about the contest to replace her because I was on a course at the Novotel Hotel in Southampton at the time and everybody was talking about that rather than the new auditing standards that were coming in to ruin our professional lives!

Span Ows said...

Blimey....going to the Rangers celtic game would have brought the attack on if it hadn't already happened!

I was having a weekend in Yorkshire for the 2003 WC, just recently seperated from Mrs ows and was with some college friends (two couples as it I was a bit of a gooseberry!)

Anonymous said...


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