Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ows Obamicon...

Obamamania, Obamessiah, Obama...Well the day and the hour (and the man?) hath cometh. Sounds a bit Spanish when you say that! "Washington resident Ronald Brisbon, 55, told the BBC "Dr King said it might take 40 years. It's been 45 years, I can wait another hour." Well I and most of the rest of the world hope it's worth it! To celebrate, I post a portrait of your's truly:

Obama Obey GiantAt last...where's Mags? This is Ows...nicely portrayed as an Obamicon...gets yours too: HERE
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Span Ows said...

Well, nobody wants to comment then eh? I know a load of people have seen this because the day I posted it I had almost double the average number of visits to my blog!!!Have I dashed million perceptions? It wasn't the best photo and my nose looks fat and squidgy...in reality I look like Brad Pitt.

bonnie said...

Can't see any resemblance to Brad Pitt :)but it did remind me of someone if you squint at it.
Steed from the Avengers

Paul said...

I waited because you actually remind me of somebody and I couldn't think who, then I realised it's a client who by weird coincidence is Spanish! I think you'd make a decent Bond villan to be honest but at the moment I can't think of a suitable name.

Span Ows said...

Actually bonnie I DO se what you mean...I can live with that, just need a bowler and a slightly more classical tweak to my sartorial elegance and I'd be his double!

Paul, clearly a handsome, successful devil this Spaniard client of yours?...nothing like me really then!

Bond Villan? Why... "Doctor O" of course!

Paul said...

I googled my Spanish client and he had 233,000 hits, which wasn't bad.

Doctor O - groan!