Thursday, July 02, 2009

Obvious obfuscation...

It's not hard to understand, it's not hard to why does UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown insist on avoiding the obvious answers? He is either stupid (I don't really believe this, honest!), certifiable (it's certainly a possiblity!), or has a sinister ulterior motive (we haven't got that far yet) or knows [or hopes] something very few people know). And after all the hoohah he seems intent to keep digging the hole deeper by claimimg he is being honest with people [BBC]; he claims he "always told the truth" (psst..only liars ever say that!)

Brown certainly appears frustrated and "furious that the current debate focuses on his integrity and his honesty" but he has ONLY himself to blame: no aides, no assitants, no cabinet colleagues, no other minister. The BBC's Nick Robinson and the C word:

" [Brown] has changed his description of what is happening to capital expenditure three times in three weeks at PMQs...Today, he also declared that current spending would go up by "zero per cent"

Eh? Surely not...this is the PM right? Not a Rory Bremner sketch? David Cameron may not be very popular with his constant attacks on Brown but he is making Brown look more out of touch.

Who to Believe "...neither the prime minister nor Lord Mandelson seem to put much store by what the Treasury says these days. Curious times indeed." Image link to Stephanomics; Who to believe?

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