Friday, August 21, 2009

Opposition opportunism...

No, but that's what a lot of people are saying - as you would expect - and over on the LFAT blog the Quote of the Day is Larry Elliott in the Guardian on David Cameron's "Progressive Conservatism". Now there seems to be some slight disagreement about the definition of "Progressive" and I added my tuppenyworth to what had been commented already. Lo and behold - albeit yesterday's news - from Benedict Brogan at The Telegraph for the "progressive" argument:

"Labour's betrayal of the poor is an open goal for David Cameron. The Tory leader can cast himself as a 'progressive' saviour."

I was led there thanks to a post on Raedwald's excellent blog:

"I commend Benedict Brogan's piece in the Telegraph this morning on how Labour have betrayed the poor. This is the most squalid and reprehensible failure in a foul spectrum of political self-interest, incompetence, sleaze, lunacy and sheer idiocy that has characterised Labour's term in office."

"...I would add those scores of venal and corrupt civil servants who have segued seamlessly from procurement and administrative incompetence in their ministries to fatly-remunerated board positions, picking up an 'honour' along the way..."

"What a damning indictment of utter failure." Brilliant, well worth reading the whole post [Link]

Back to the progressive debate: earlier this month George Osborne laid the groundwork for this progress...hehehe...and Brogan points out that a recent poll found that voters of all political hues didn't (or no longer) associate "progressive" with certain left-wing thinking or even liberal for that matter; not surprisingly they [now] take it to mean what I thought it always meant (???) i.e. reforming/modernising or just moving forward (presumably to something better!) Brogan adds that by happy coincidence these are all values that David Cameron hopes will define his leadership.

"The progressive label adopted by the leader is as much about posture as it is about principles of fairness, opportunity, greenery and security."

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