Thursday, September 03, 2009

Oliver's opinion...

...on Hugo Chavez. Oliver Stone's new film "South of the Border" will be shown at the Venice film festival next Monday. The Guardian report it thus: "Oliver Stone: 'The truth about Hugo Chávez'." Now, it's in quote marks so I assume thet they are Stone's words but the article doesn't confirm that; however, either way, I is an opnion, a view, but it isn't "the truth". At the end of the short article it says

"This is a continuing story. It is going on right now with Hugo Chávez in Venezuela. Hopefully, in our film, you'll get to hear a far different side of the "official" story."

So that much we can see is very different from saying "The truth...", whatever, I shall endeavour to see it and report back; unfortunately, knowing Stone's socialist leanings I am almost sure I won't agree with him...BUT I am not prejudging the film, I WILL watch with an open mind. The short video clip doesn't really tell us much although I like Correa's comment that he'd be more worried when they (the American media) say nice things about him! Great.

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