Friday, September 04, 2009

Outing outrageous overspending (II or III)...

TPAFrom the Tax payers' Alliance today [LINK] It all points to a massive United States of Europe already underway...I know we know that is happening anyway BUT it just seems that it moves forward at a pace and many people just don't realise how far it's already gone. Don't forget this is YOUR money ...more worrying, David Cameron has specifically mentioned EU money as being one of the very few expenditures that the Conservatives would ring-fence if/when they form the next adminstration.

New Research: EU diplomats spend £3.4 billion promoting 'a country called Europe'

* EU foreign service now costs £3.4 billion a year
* The property portfolio of EU embassies is worth £55 million
* EU ambassadors earn up to £244,000 a year
* Former ambassador to Washington DC expresses concern at report's findings

"A new study by the TaxPayers' Alliance reveals the huge size, scope and cost of the EU's own diplomatic service, which has quietly grown to effectively challenge the British Foreign Office around the globe. The report, which includes a foreword by Sir Antony Acland KG, GCMG, GCVO, former UK ambassador to the USA between 1986 and 1991, exposes the way in which the European Union's External Relations programme has used huge quantities of British taxpayers' money to progressively usurp the nation's global standing." Download full report: [PDF]

Key findings

* Brussels has developed an identity on the world stage in its own right. The EU now has a budget of €3.9 billion (£3.4 billion) a year to be spent on its international affairs programme, called the External Relations programme. This is distinct from its international development budget.
* It spends another €28 million (£25 million) (excluding actual civil service wages) on having a Common Foreign and Security Policy supremo.
* EU embassies already exist in name; their property portfolio outside of the EU comes to €63 million (£55 million)
* Staff enjoy considerable remuneration. Already-generous wages can include additional weighting, up to 45% above those paid to their colleagues back in Brussels. This would work out pre-tax as up to €278,000 (£244,000) annually..
* On top of their salaries, EU diplomats enjoy such perks as adoption grants, expat allowances, entertainment allowances and own-car grants if they don’t get a chauffeur.

Hat-tip: Centre Right on Conservative Home.

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Paul said...

"Is it acceptable to have diplomats, who are totally unaccountable to the people, claiming to represent us globally?"


Reform the House of Lords first and then I might have a little more sympathy, at the moment I couldn't give a flying teapot about Brussels. We have the worst opposition, in terms of political impact, in living memory let's sort out things closer to home first.

Span Ows said...

Good Lord! A comment...hoorah!


Didn't know you were 'back' so have left a few comments over on your blog.

What do the Lords cost Paul, and what do they really do these days?

Re opposition do you mean no stateman type politicians or not amking enough impression on Brown and the slow motion train wreck (seems to be the "in" phrase re any disaster)?

Paul said...

Re the opposition I don't expect a Statesman like figure but I'm not feeling anything from DC at all.

Conservatives are the party of cuts both in spending and taxes but next year they won't be able to do both why don't they lay out their plans now - or at the party conference. It would be great if they could be honest and say 'look another four years or tough decisions and then the black hole will be filled.'

As for the EU the jury is out for me I'm afraid

Paul said...

sorry should have been 'of' not 'or' tough decisions.

Span Ows said... wait a month for a comment and then 3 come along at once...hehehe

I get the impression that this conference season will be the most important for 14 years. essentailly it will make or break Brown and DC will see what he is up against. I suspect DC will shine through. I was so worried that the expenses thing would weaken them but they seem to have held firm. The economy is still faltering, the soldiers hate Brown, even open goals like the NHS thing aren't being scored.

I agree that DC isn't shining enough...however I do think he will...I think this Christmas will be very bleak for Brown too...

Paul said...

By weird science I come home this morning (early morning photo shoot) and find out that Darling has told Brown he must tell voters that taxes must go up.

Does you blog reach all corners of the political world?

If I was the Conservative leader I'd go for Brown on the economy in a big way this winter.