Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Minnesota VikingsRyan Giggs leaves Manchester United in acrimony, after a highly successful career with many, many highpoints (so many that ANY club supporter that 'hates' ManU [Manure] admits to a grudging admiration and respect)...he "retires"...but then joins a second-string London club playing in the shadow of neighbouring giants; after turning them around to produce a reasonable (but not cup winning) season, he "retires" again only to join Liverpool...who, on an unbeaten winning streak, and with Ryan giving an incredible defence-slicing pass for the winning goal in a 6 - 5 thriller against Chelsea, today meets his old club Manchester United...

OK...you noticed, that's not true. BUT it is a reasonable description of what is happening now; I'm watching, live...Monday Night Football.

To translate the first paragraph: Brett Favre - the Green Bay Packers star quarterback of 16 years - left, in not-too-amicable circumstances in 2008 and joined the New York Jets,who haven't had a star of No. 4's stature since the days Joe Namath was slinging passes."

"With Favre's 16 prolific years throwing passes for the Packers and departure on bad terms last summer, the intrigue has ratcheted up. It stretches well beyond the Upper Midwest, too."

Brett aided the NYJ from a disasterous 4 - 12 2007 season to a reasonable 9 -7 (and could have been more: a 9 -5 potentially playoff-reaching season ended badly as losing the last two games killed the payoff dream). So...'retirement' again AND...joining the Minnesota Vikings ("next-door" to Green Bay)!! For a cool 12 million dollars a season. "Joined the enemy" ..."revenge" ...although now, after the heat of the moment, Brett agrees he's in it for more than the 2 game possibilities of getting back at his old club.

We'll see..."When Brett Favre happens to be the Vikings' new quarterback, the public interest in this rivalry is on the verge of explosion." So says MV linebacker Ben Leber:

"This is probably the most anticipated game I think, for a regular season game, that I've ever been a part of,"

NBC sports.

Update...next day. Well, we weren't let down! "Favre's first game against his former team was all fun for the Minnesota Vikings and all frustration for the Packers, as the graying quarterback kept his cool and connected for three touchdown passes and 271 yards in a 30-23 victory." [link] And it was exciting too, for American Football! A mention in despatches for Jared Allen who made 4 and a half of the EIGHT times that Aaron Rodgers the packers QB was sacked!

Just a bit of a giggle but one of the repeated ads during the game was for Famous Dave's Smokin’ Hot Meat and Potatoes! Phnarr phnarr...
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Paul said...

Good old Brett, I can't think of an equivalent footballer in the U.K who inspires such love/hate from the public. I liked the way that after leaving the Packers he just knew that somebody would pick up the tab and he'd be back playing in the NFL.

I watched a college game on ESPN US last week and they claimed they had a crowd of 100,000! Now that's what I call devotion.

Span Ows said...

...last night there was also the Wisconsin vs Minnesota college game (sort of backdrop for the Wisconsin pro team GB Packers vs Minn Vikings) equally exciting but I only saw highlights, and ended 31 - 28 to Wisconsin.

Brett will be 40 this month (I think) so I guess all sorts of records will be broken.