Sunday, November 08, 2009

Observer opens ossuary...

The Observer has opened the ossuary, the charnal house, revealed the bones of the dead; there is no life in Labour now, just a shadow. No meat, just dry bones crumbling; how many more nails does this coffin need banging into it? Secret Labour plan to axe spending on training for young people: "Leak reveals cuts of £350m", "Business fury over jobs plan". Confidential papers have been leaked to The Observer proving that...

"while Brown and his ministers have suggested they are raising investment in training, skills and apprenticeships, behind the scenes they are preparing some £350m of cuts for 2010-11 that will slash the number of training places on offer by hundreds of thousands."

Now we all know that cuts will come and they are essential, but the pile of Brownstuff has consitently "sought to contrast Labour's determination to boost investment in training with what he claims is a Tory agenda of cuts that would prolong the downturn." Tory cuts vs. Labour investment...I know you know and he knows we know but again and again in Parliament Brown has knowingly lied:

"Now more than ever is the time to invest in our young people, their skills and their talents in training them for the future."

Empty rhetoric; I wouldn't mind betting the quaint Brownstuff already has soundbites prepared and written out for 2010 and 2011 when, presumably with a Conservative government, he can savagely decry their cuts...that he made. "What's particularly shocking about this document is that the bulk of the cuts are in front-line services" said Two Brains last night.

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Paul said...

Honesty would be a good start from whoever is in Downing Street next summer. Some setting out of the hard facts and the hard choices. I have to say I think the Conservatives will find themselves in the same position this time around as they did in 1979, faced with a drawer full of post dated cheques.

I suppose they could celebrate by playing D:Ream "Things Can Only get better!"

Span Ows said...

Ah...sounds like the R5L message board again!

Yes, agree completely and I hope that the public realises and doesn't knee-jerk the one term chop and change that we had through the 70s.