Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Olympiakos outing opportunity...

Mission:ImpossibleCould it be Mission Impossible as Arsenal FC manager Arsene Wenger lines up ten teenagers in the squad of 18 players to face Olympiakos in the last group-stage game of the Chamions League. Arsenal have already qualified top of their table so for them tonight is a stroll but the other interesting thing is that lining up for Arsenal will be Tom Cruise. [Guardian]

"For me, there is only one Tom Cruise and he is the one who plays for Arsenal Football Club."

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Paul said...

Given some of the shooting by Carlos Vela last night I think it was more a case of 'Eyes Wide Shut.'

Span Ows said...

hahhahaa! Yes, I think many would agree...I was beginning to think it was "a deal" to let the Greek side win at home as it was no skin off our nose...except for Ramsey's shot cleared off the line right at the end!