Monday, February 22, 2010

Ocracy orchidectomy...

Update on Bullygate, 4:15pm: "No 10 get their own back on Christine Pratt". Letters From A Tory reveals the removal of the link to National Bullying Helpline from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills website. Clearly Mandy and Brown's attack dogs hadn't coordinated the spin-smear cycle against the NBH.
As Bullygate rages on with claim and counter claim - diverting attention from the well documented fact that Brown is a bully - we see (image - click for source) that the UK Parliament is all action, a hive of ardent activity, all MPs toing and froing, full steam ahead.!...errr, no.

'Nothing important' you say, no important business, just back from their (other) hols, no real business...well, it's 'only' Defence Questions: questions in the House of Commons to Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth and his team of ministers! FFS!

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Paul said...

It's the old 'pairing off' I see. What worries me more than how few MP's there are in the house is the fact that their opinions can apparently cancel each other out until you have just enough people for a five-a-side game. I've always said 600 plus MP's is too many for a country as small as ours.

Re the bullygate thing, some people have books to sell. As you say this is not new news. Love the fact that a chairty is 207 days out of date with its accounts and annual return - where's the FSA when you need them!

Span Ows said...

I also think 600 is too many. One per council area would be more than enough.

The amount of stuff that has been dragged up about the NBH and the Pratts is so ridiculous (I like what Anne widdecombe said albeit as she resined as patron!) and really makes those that think this was a Tory plot to be bonkers...I would go as far to say it was so obvious that the opposite would be more likely (a Labour plot dressed up as a Conservative plot!)