Tuesday, February 23, 2010


...good Lord! Darling! It's not going away is it? "Gordon Brown 'unleashed forces of hell on me'". [DT]

Hat-tip Iain Dale.

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Paul said...

Well I haven’t heard Margaret using that sort of language but when you go through a thing like that, I remember the weekend after we came back and I’d done this interview and the forces of hell were unleashed …

By Number Ten?

Not just them, the Tories as well. The Tories jumped on to the bandwagon as ever and they all tried to join in and of course it’s difficult, especially for the Chancellor. If you’re in politics you have to be thick skinned I think to an extent. Of course you are not immune from the fact that you wish people hadn’t said things or you hadn’t done things but frankly, when I look back at the three years I’ve been Chancellor, okay it was a weekend you could have done without but there was far more important things …"

Is the story here supposed bullying or politically honesty. This was broadcast on the Radio early this morning and it was quite clear that the bit about it also being the Tories has got lost.

Yes it can be used as more ammunition against Brown but its striking me more and more each day that the Conservative party are behaving like small children who have accidentally seen teachers knickers and can't stop sniggering rather than revising for what is the biggest exam in their political history.

Oh well rant over....

Span Ows said...

Well it's a bit of a multi topic rant. I agree re the reporting, when I actually heard the interview (on an online video in the jolly good Daily politics programme) my first thought was, well everybody, including left press have misreported this. Happens all the time, in my most recent Chavez post I did the translation from the report of one well known Ven paper in fact they're socios with BBC Mundo. However when I read subsequent reports ALL of them were different (I mean different to each other including the first, not all the same but different from the first)

Back on topic I think the story is the timing...all this bully stuff and Darling comes out with such aphrase? I thought he realised immediately and that's why he immediately corrected himself with the "and the Tories" bit, but then he compounded it (after the bit you've quoted) by reiterating thatit was his own party briefing against him...he could have avoided all the hoohah but chose not to; that's the story.

P.S. You've just reminded me about dropping my pencil on the floor with the sole intention of looking up Miss Garland's skirt...last week...NO, about 40 years ago.

Paul said...

Teachers don't wear skirts anymore do they - not suggesting they go around in just their knickers, but it's trousers all the way now.

What I want to know is when does the serious politiking start. It's worse than don't mention the war at the moment with regards to the GE.

Span Ows said...

This weekend by all accounts!