Saturday, February 06, 2010


"Tony Blair handed key Labour role to win floating voters" What the fuck?!! The London Evening Standard is reporting how, in an interview, Crash Gordon as saying: "Tony has a major role to play in the election. We are party that is renewing itself after 10 very successful years", Mr Brown said. Hmmm...but those ten successful years have been proven to be smoke and mirrors and not really successful at all, except for certain ex politicians raking in millions. It gets better:

"I think you will find that many people in Labour who are no longer in government but who have been part of the project' for years will have a role. Tony will have to explain, when he wishes, what he can do."

Tony "will have to explain"..."when he wishes"..."what he can do. Is it just me or is that very, very strange?

I can think of only one motive: Gordon and Labour, after a recent run of goodish polls in their favour have decided to play their ace card to make sure they lose the election. God damn those good polls, how could they factor in moronic Labour voters? The plan is, as many have said for years, that the Conservatives must win, stagger through the double-dip recession, make limp excuses for the inflation (look at the 1980's figures that Labour could line up to to say it's what the Tories always do) and fail to win in 2014/15. That's Gordon's plan.

Hat tip: Paul Waugh

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Paul said...

Loved the link. I'm a moronic Labour voter because I can't find another party that appeals to me on a national level.

Span Ows said...

hehehe, I read it a couple of days ago and have been waiting for a decent opportunity to link. As I'm sure you're aware, I happen to concur with what he writes! ;-)