Tuesday, March 23, 2010

OMG! II...

Corrupt UK politiciansFor fuck's sake. Unbelievable? No, totally believable...Dispatch the lot of them. (more: click on image). Not to seem partisan [moi?]: In the 'cash for questions' scandal of the mid-Nineties, Mohamed Fayed was famously told that you "rent an MP like you rent a London taxi".[Link] Then came Blair, whiter than white...the most corrupt UK politician ever? Probably not. And, lest ye forget:

The first 'Lobbygate' scandal back in 1998 featured none other than 'Smeargate' star Derek Draper. That one of the last scandals of the New Labour years features three of its stalwarts – Byers, Hoon and Hewitt – is utterly fitting.


Update, Tuesday: [Link] What about Milburn? What about the others?

What about Brown's globe-trotting, sun-loving, yacht-tripping, directorship-acquiring, wealth-accumulating, fund-shifting, fee-taking, lecture-delivering, teeth-brandishing, dossier-fixing, war-starting predecessor? Let's suspend Blair!

For starters.

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Paul said...

It's wrong, no mention of Sir John I see! Poor old sod, thought a short skirt and a touch of lipstick was for his benefit.

Span Ows said...

Who? John Butterkiss popcorn? look, nobody else seems to have mentioned him so why should I? ;-)

Paul said...

I think Sir John was a piece of bad news that was usefully buried!

Les Paul Junior said...

Perhaps someone will postulate the existence of a condition called "Government on its last legs Syndrome" in which some members of a goverment which faces election it thinks it can't win just decide to screw the system for as much as they can before they lose their seats.