Friday, March 12, 2010

Options on obvious obnubilation...

I like Iain Martin's A and B options on 'no new tax rises', which begs the question of how many are already in the pipeline but hidden? So, no new tax rises, no Labour cuts (just growth and investment remember?) no worries about the growing cost of 'entirely unfunded, public sector pension schemes, no worries about the massive debt interest burden, (hat-tip Burning our Money) the true increase of which the Treasury 'refused to divulge' - even when formally requested to do so by the Treasury Select Committee, and plans to cut the entire deficit in half in four years from 2011, reducing its structural portion by two-thirds, which is what Darling told the UK about in February; and which Crash Gordon reiterated this week saying that for "the first time in British history, the government has made a tough legally binding commitment to reduce the deficit"...

"This contract says we will more than halve the deficit over four years, and we will also reduce the size of the structural deficit by two-thirds over the same period."

This is simply unbelievable* - literally i.e. methinks it must be more lies - and I await with interest to hear the budget.

Update: Saturday 13th: *Thanks to Fraser Nelson at The Spectator for explaining this Brown lie confidence trick.

"Two years ago, he forecast no deficit at all by 2014. Now he's projecting one of 5 percent of GDP - simply mammoth - and still makes out that this is something to be proud of... ...[see] chart showing that even Italy (a G7 member) will have wiped out its deficit by the time Britain will - under Brown - have halved it.

You'd be amazed how many journalists, even financial journalists, don't know the difference between the two. [debt and deficit] The BBC news routinely mixes the two up. Where there is financial illiteracy, Brown sees a chance to mislead the voters."

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Paul said...

I think if the Conservative's try to win the election on the economy they will lose. The numbers don't make sense to 'normal' people and only serve to give those with a passing interest in politics and economics high blood pressure. Here's my take on it:

"That Gordon Brown, he's messed up the economy and it costs each taxpayer £29,000."
"I don't earn £29,000, how am I going to pay?"
"Oh you don't actually have to hand over the cash, it will mean reduced services that sort of thing."
"What like NHS and Schools."
"But we already raise money for the baby unit and the new roof on our kids school was paid for by a sponsored swim."
"True, but the bins won't be emptied so often."
"Right, but that doesn't cost me and our Carol twenty nine grand does it?"
"Fancy another pint?"

Simple I know, but then most people's grasp of economics is simple!

Span Ows said...

I think they need to concentrate on the CORRUPTION and total INEPTITUDE of the New Labour cronies. The economy won't go away or be forgotten by the voters so no need to push it. I think they need to ressurect all the lame soundbites of Balir and Brown and ram the failures down NL throat.