Friday, April 02, 2010

Ocular oeuvre...

Five Boys Another post, another 'iconic' picture. A report of which can be found in INTELLIGENT LIFE Magazine (The Economist). Click on image for Ian Jack's brilliant and full article: Five Boys: The Story of a Picture. Indeed, the story of a photo that for 70 years "has been used to tell the same story – of inequality, class division, 'toffs and toughs'". All the questions: what were the circumstances; where was it; when was it; who were they; why were they there; how did they get on in later life? All there, all answered in full. An article that is well worth more than a few minutes of your time.

I was led here by Vulture (1st comment) on Fraser Nelson's Spectator piece on "Why we shouldn't confuse poverty with inequality" [Link], (also worth a read, as are the comments!).

Picture credit: Peter Wagner, Thomas 'Tim' Dyson, George Salmon, Jack Catlin and George Young, outside Lord’s, 1937; Jimmy Sime/Getty

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Paul said...

Very interesting that this photograph should appear at this time because it was on the front of a family history magazine about six months ago and there was a reference to the story. I'm always interested in how people arrive at ideas for article and blogs and how the brain works subconciously.