Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Post copied from Toque. "Support for an English Parliament Remains Strong"
The Jury Team commissioned YouGov to discover how people would vote when given the opportunity to do so in various referenda. They found that 60% of people in England were in favour of setting up an English parliament, with only 20% against. The chart below represents opinion across the whole of Britain, including Scotland where 41% were in favour of an English parliament (2058 adults surveyed in September 2009).

English Parliament

Support for an English parliament is strong. In fact support for an English parliament is stronger than support for the Conservative, Labour or Liberal Democrat parties. And according to the polls conducted by YouGov [PDF] on behalf of The Jury Team support for an English Parliament is stronger than support for proportional representation.

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Paul said...

An English parliament with Lionel Messi in charge would be unstoppable!

All comes back to self-determination, one of Mrs Thatcher's key ideals.

Span Ows said...

hehehe..indeed. Well The Arse scored 3 times in two games against them and RM couldn't manage one!

Re English parliament..if only! No swell yet. I get the feeling that if Scotland etc play a major role in this GE (in a bad way) then that swell will grow.