Thursday, May 06, 2010

Oops...bit late today but make sure you go and vote (...not so subliminal Conservative). Also: "Our army has crossed the ocean to fight for democracy. Cross the street and vote in ours." hat-tip Paul Twinn via Tim Montgomerie.

Quite superb by Tom Harris (we can forgive the fact that he's Labour!) Watch right to the end too. Hat-tip Iain Dale.

More good advice for when you vote: HERE Courtesy of the Guardian's Steve Busfield (see comment 2:14pm HERE)

Update too late! I hope you've all watched THIS!

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bonnie said...

I intend to stay up off to rest my eyes.
And yes ..I've voted.

Span Ows said...

Good girl, mine's in too (I sent all my other votes last week)


bonnie said...

Glass of Bombay Sapphire later then ;-)

Span Ows said...

oooh...very good! I'm not sure you're allowed to say things like that in the UK any more...

bonnie said...

OK ...Gin and tonic then... out of a blue bottle, lemon, lime?

bonnie said...

Ok ...gin and, lemon or lime ?

Will you stay up to watch the results later?

bonnie said...

oops ..what happened there.... I'll put the drink down ...and save it for later tonight :-).

Span Ows said...

Ooops...where did all these comments suddenly appear from!

I probably won't stay up...had a couple of tall hefty rums already on top of a few beers with colleagues after work (tech director was visiting) and feeling a bit woosy!

Earlier I thought you were making a clever joke about people from the subcontinent being the ones who are most involved in postal vote fraud (your Bombay comment after my "other votes" comment!)

Oh well!


bonnie said...

Just a guess at to where your vote went.
Blue bottle of gin :)
My weak attempt at humour.