Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Orange orator...

Not the orange bookers (although they fit quite nicely in the Coalition) but Cameron's healthy hue: as Benedict Brogan comments today on yet another good performance by David Cameron at Prime Ministers Questions. "Two things struck me about PMQs earlier. First was David Cameron's colouring."
"It was not quite orange, but he stood out from those around him with a complexion that was certainly healthy but somehow didn’t quite match the life of long hours and office meetings that must be his lot these days. Has he been sailing on the quiet? Gardening?".
Well I hope it isn't from a tanning salon (can you imagine the comments?). Talking of brownstuff, elsewhere, Brown (STILL missing!) buddy and bean-counter ex-chancellor Alistair Darling seems in two minds about Osborne's generally well-received budget (hat-tip Conservative Home); I suspect he he grudgingly approves of most of it but can't bring himself to say it; and what he does say reveals a lot: he says, on the BBC's Today this morning, that the budget was "not pain free" (weakly confirming what Osborne and others have been saying for ages!) and he says that if the government "gets it wrong" then the "consequences could be dire for many people and businesses." note the "IF"...also "I just wonder whether they'll be able to deliver some of this stuff"...again, he is not directly decrying the "stuff". Interesting.

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Paul said...

He grudgingly approves!!!! Most of the budget was his sodding idea. The public don't know that because they are fed with the big numbers not the small print - there's very little going into the 2010 Finance Bill that wasn't put there by Labour.

It's a bloody smokescreen because they know the second dip is coming and are tinkering around the edges.

Span Ows said...

Oi! Less cheek. I know: look at the first two comments HERE.

My point was the way he was trying to pick his words so very carefully to get the right way of sound disapproving, it was a bit weak. Osborne has added enough to have a go at if Labour feel so inclined.

Span Ows said...

P.S. Also "The public don't know that because they are fed..." ...constant bullshit by Brown and Co about tory cuts and Labour investment etc.

P.P.S. And total public spending will be going up in real terms anyway...although most people won't notice in their paypackets, disposable income etc!

Paul said...

What are you doing lurking over at the Guardian?

Span Ows said...

Causing problems! hehehe...well no, I am commenting on various threads but mainly politics interspersed with footy, food, money, environemnt etc)

The main reason is that I have tried several times over the last few years on DT, Times etc and NEVER had a comment published! Wankers. At least at the Guardian it's fairly free and easy.