Thursday, June 17, 2010


Orangiboob...that's what this has been for FIFA, no? Have they gone OTT in their efforts to shut down an illegal (yes, it's totally illegal in South Africa!) marketing "ambush"? And in so doing give the company involved 10, 20, 100 times more publicity that it expected? And in NO way or form am I intending to advertise Oranjeboom Ooops, too late. Anyway, I commented on One Page In A Library Of Millions  that I had intended to post this a couple of days ago but refrained from doing so to avoid a 'football' blogpost; now I've changed my mind as the polemic grew so much with women being arrested etc (they were later released on bail). As ever, others put the situation better than I could although having superflous pictures of pretty and sexy women helps: both Paul (the One Page In A Million link...) and Hamish Hoosen Pillay on his blog Undiagnosed ADHD someone who doesn't know the internet is public: "Bikini clad women are great distractions. I don't know what this has to do with ambush marketing." Link through image for his report on ambush marketing published a few months ago but with the following update yesterday:
"Edit: June 16, 2010 I have noted the oranged dresses incident and although FIFA might claim ambush marketing by Bavaria Beer, what these enforces fail to understand is that now they have generated more publicity for the offending brand. Secondly these enforcers have diluted their own brand by coming down so strong on offenders. In this Bavaria Beer incident, what damage is done to Budweiser and its brand. Do people say: Those Budweiser people are enforcing their rights? Or do people realise that it is FIFA? I would seriously question the sponsorship investment value of such an event considering the damage that might be sustained by my brand as FIFA 'protects' its event.

However, what other solutions are there for FIFA?

Quite so but the problem remains: most people are now talking about Bavaria Beer and linking to their mention at all of the official beer sponsor Budweiser! See here, a perfect case in point from the BBC: discussion and various mentions for Bavaria and a link in the righthand sidebar to 'Related Internet Links'....and the very nice image (right).

Interestingly I think Google are concerned, maybe due to due to legal matters because when I searched online for a nice image I put in the search words 'ambush marketing', and got no pictures of these lovely orange semi-clad ladies. I added '2010', then 'World Cup', then 'orange', then 'Bavaria beer', then 'football' (as against Cricket world cup)...after all that STILL not a single image of this event: is it "my" Google or is the Internet that easy to manipulate?

Update: 18th, pm. Forget the link in the first image: Hamish is obviously a misery guts that doesn't want people reading his blog. haha

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Paul said...

I think the internet is very easy to manipulate.

I notice that they ladies were all wearing similar style of underwear so I think they knew what was, ahem, coming. In 2006 when they pulled the same stunt there were some very strangely attired people, although fortunately all were 'dressed' as Hollywood directors used to ask their actresses to confirm.

Span Ows said...

I think you're probably right, very easy to manipulate...and the internet...boom boom.

Span Ows said...

Unbelievable, the Hamish guy has now shut his blog (or at made it so you have to sign in) I guess he didn't like being either his boss or his wife doesn't know he blogs...or something similar, I shouldn't be pissed off but I am...maybe it's the footy...and the alcohol.