Sunday, June 20, 2010

Outing obscenities II...

OK, I'm 10 days late with this but better late than never! Via Gavin (why didn't you give me a heads-up?), Toque says:
"No prizes for guessing the only country at the World Cup without its own government, national public holiday and national anthem..."
Table posted at from Campaign for an English Parliament HERE.

Let's just repeat that for visitors who may not be aware: ENGLAND has no national public holiday, no government and no national anthem; to be honest this is a fucking disgrace - an obscenity - and quite obviously it isn't the first time it's been the case at a World Cup: can anyone (a football anorak for example) tell me what happened when both England and Scotland were at the finals?

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Paul said...


I only know that because I asked a passing anorak.

Paul said...


Flower of Scotland was adopted by the SFA in 1997 as the official anthem and that was played in 1998.

England stuck with God Save The Queen, thereby upsetting all of us atheists who don't believe in an unelected head of government.

Span Ows said...

Thanks. I think they should drop GSTQ. Not that I'm against the Monarchy at (...incoming!) but it just isn't right; even worse when the fans sing it during the game and it like a frigging dirge (bit like 'Swing Low Sweet Chariot' at the to put your team off: sing a dirge).