Sunday, June 20, 2010

Outing obscenities...

Well I thought the England camp was in bad shape after blaming their crap performance on boredom (to allow a quickie with the WAGS no doubt...and tonight will have an emergency meeting where they have been encouraged "to air their grievances"), and the Spanish losing to Switzerland, and after the German's lost (LOL!) and New Zealand held Italy (ROFL!) we hear the French camp is in absolute turmoil: Anelka ousted, team refusing to train, insults leaked to L'equipe, traitors, moles, team director quits and will go home: Evra the captain "was furious after someone from within the France camp leaked the Anelka story to L'Equipe, with the striker telling Domenech "go screw yourself, dirty son of a whore". ...Oh la la!

P.S. So, if other World Cups are anything to go by we should see a Germany vs. Italy final then?

P.P.S. Great quote from that WAG link: "Jessica was Miss Bolivia 2007, and we all know that Miss *Insert Country* equates to future Footballer WAG."...hehehe

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