Thursday, July 22, 2010

Official oversight III...

A slight? A slip? A slight slip? "David Cameron criticised over World War II history slip" [BBC]. Apparently the BBC's political correspondent Vicki Young has called the comments "pretty controversial". Why? David Miliband says "1940 was our finest hour. Millions of Britons stood up and gave their lives to defeat fascism. We were not a junior partner. We stood alone against the Nazis. How can a British prime minister who bangs on about British history get that so wrong? It is a slight, not a slip."

So, is silly-Milly suggesting that Cameron doesn't know this? The whole point is DC was on about 'the changing nature of the "special relationship"' so I'm sure Cameron said, or meant to say, 'the 1940s'. Mind you, he should be more careful...and imagine had Crash gordon said it! ;-)

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