Saturday, August 28, 2010

Official offer...

At last he's trying to help: last year he claimed that he avoided a CIA plot to kill him; before that he claimed he was in possession of intelligence showing that the United States had plans to invade his country; before that we all know he blamed the US for the 2002 coup-that-wasn't. More recently, last month, he cancelled a trip to Cuba due to the possibility of 'US fueled' aggression from Colombia. Now, it seems, Hugo has finally realised what the US troop withdrawal from Iraq might mean for him...I'm joking of course...look at the picture: "diana" also means target/bulls-eye in Spanish! The news story about the record number of expropriations (click on image) even has the headline "Give to me!". I guess martyrdom would the best exit strategy, not for him personally of course, but for his 'Bolivarian Revolution'. Watch your back Hugo. (File photo: El Universal)

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