Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ordering oppression of opposition...

Oh well. I was good while it lasted: the company I used to work for is being "bought" by Hugo "Krusty the clown" Chavez.
"I have approved the purchase; it is a friendly deal; of hundred thousand hectares of Agroflora, the English company that had these ranches since 1909".
A crying shame and I have no doubt at all that it will lead to even more meat having to be imported in a country where soon, if not already, you run a higher risk of being shot than a soldier who is fighting in the Irak or Afghanistan [RealCubaBlog] A veritable shooting gallery as The Econmist calls it; interestingly they mention a CNN broadcast of Los Guardianes de Chavez; that was a few weeks after Owsblog reported it (sub heading "More importantly..." at the bottom of that post), clearly they pop in to read here now and again...

...more sad Ven facts: an unbelievable 40 percent of the 'working population' do not work...I wonder how many of those are in Krusty's militias (the one's he says is going door to door to help "demolish the opposition" because "we didn't come this far to be defeated" [jeez!] He boasts he has 1.8 million militants (party members, possibly/probably armed; that's the equivalent of 4.5 million in the UK) "going from door to door every day and every night until September 26, without a break, deployed in battles to demolish the revolutionary fifth column [the opposition]".

Got cut off last night!...continued: Anyway, it appears Chavez will be going all out to make sure he wins another vote; with all the problems and supression of opposition media nad voices one wonders just how long lefties can claim it is democracy in action. On Friday in yet another poll 90% think the insecurity is now the principal problem for the country and nearly 83% think that insecurity is increasing [El Universal, Spanish]. In summary...
"Venezuela has the worst crime rate in South America, the highest inflation rate in South America, more unemployment, more poverty in South America. This is a country which has vast oil reserves. They should be the richest in South America. Hugo Chávez, in my opinion, has dragged the economy down to the ground"
So says US Congressman Eliot Engel; interestingly he also questioned flights between Iran (and Syria) and Venezuela because 'Iran is the largest supporter of terrorism of any country on the face of the earth'...that is worrying: flights from Tehran go all over the place but with Iran unveiling its new "messenger of death" today and with these public and direct remarks being made regarding Iran, Terror and Venezuela - added to the US troop withdrawl from Iraq - will be making Krusty very nervous indeed.

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