Thursday, August 26, 2010

Overdoing opposition?...

Oh dear. The Labourgraph, not content with heading downhill fast, now seems to be trying to compete with the Labour toilet paper the Daily Mirror with the headline: "Tories sell access to ministers for £1,000 a head" they say...complete with Labour MP Michael Dugher (long-time party insider and ex-Chief Political Spokesman for Brown) knocking down the skittle the Telegraph set up for him:
"This is cash-for-access, plain and simple"..."For all the Conservative talk of new politics, this is the same old Tory sleaze."..."Selling access to government ministers at £1,000 a head is just grubby."
Yawn. FFS. Was anything made of the functions of every party, every year before this? If the Telegraph want State funding for political parties perhaps they should say so.

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