Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ongoing observation of ocracy...

The Guardian's Data Blog - presumably to coincide with the political conference season in the UK - has reported their 'complete audit' of the programme for government, based on the Coalition agreement, with the aim of highlighting the progress (or not): i.e. 'how much of its programme for government has been achieved so far? Of course a lot of it is clearly subjective and they have added notes with the current position of Government policies; naturally there are many policies with no action or without information [yet]. Scores on the doors:

Almost 400 pledges in the Coalition Agreement:
• 207 pledges are in progress, with 41 having been completed
• In 57 cases we couldn't find any evidence of progress at all
• 79 are in limbo, although some are subject to lengthy reviews
• Six have failed
50% in progress, 10% be honest that is bloody impressive (IMHO); even of those six that have 'failed' I would put two - both under NHS category - as 'N/A' as they deal with changes to Primary Care Trusts (they are down as "failed" because PCTs are being scrapped) and another, in the Taxation category, should be a 'in progress/wait and see' at least until the next budget as it is partly completed. Clearly lots to do and I hope the Data Blog updates with continued progress but for only 4 months including the summer recess, I'd give that progress an A- Good effort, keep up the good work.

P.S. Judging by the media coverage you would be hard pushed to realise the government had done all this. Now, is that the media's fault or Government communication at fault? Maybe the cuts in spin-doctors, assistants, hangers-on and advertising is taking it's toll! As Charles Moore wrote in yesterday's DT: "The Coalition is proud that it has cut down the numbers of special advisers to ministers and got rid of government by press release."
"But, in one respect, Tony Blair was right. If you do not proclaim your message, the space is filled, not by respectful silence, but by your opponents."
P.P.S. More good news: 'Blitz' on compensation culture.

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