Sunday, September 05, 2010

Overt opprobrium...

...and thoroughly deserved for 'the betrayal of our troops'. The Telegraph's interview with ex-Chief of the General Staff Sir Richard Dannatt, who "reserves his strongest criticism for Labour's two prime ministers, accusing them of letting down the troops they sent to Iraq and Afghanistan." The Sunday Telegraph is serialising the General's book "Leading from the Front",and is "the first major public critique of the Blair/Brown administration by a senior outside figure who served under both men." Let's hope it's not the last nor the least.
"History will pass judgment on these foreign adventures in due course, but in my view Gordon Brown’s malign intervention, when chancellor... refusing to fund what his own government had agreed, fatally flawed the entire process from the outset."

"[Blair] lacked the moral courage to impose his will on his own chancellor".
How ironic, as the interview states (I'd say unbelievably ironic), that Gordon Brown had asked Gen Dannatt for advice about his own book 'Wartime Courage' (a follow up to 'Courage'), advice Brown acknowledged in the foreword. Neither Brown nor Blair, IMHO, show or have shown that admirable but elusive quality. I get the impression, seriously, that the only reason Brown writes these books is to try to enlighten/persuade us to what he sees as his own borrow from Boyd Tonkin's 2008 review:
"Any half-awake pundit will have fun tracing the connections between Brown's own laborious and sometimes stumbling trudge through politics and his fixation on those combatants who persevere under 'intense and sustained pressure' – thanks, in large part, to their 'sheer professionalism'."
I look forward to the day their heads are on spikes at the city gates.

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