Thursday, September 23, 2010

Owning one's opsablepria...

opsablepria n. - inability to look someone in the eye.

Left Futures
, one that Iain Dale may soon have to add to his list 'indicative of the strides made by left-of-centre bloggers',in that it is "committed to socialism, sustainability, internationalism and democracy", agh, gross! - a tainted creed ('A Machine Which Won't Work', published 91 years ago, hehehe). The Left needs to look itself in the eye; do they really believe that the Left's future remains inextricably linked with that of the Labour Party; how long can love of power enjoyed through Blair and Brown override all other belief?
"On Saturday, Labour's new leader must address several urgent problems. Making the party fit for purpose is one he cannot afford to ignore... ...The party machine is rotten and corrupt at its core, and out of control."
Of course it is.

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Paul said...

At least we know how to spell Socialism!

Span Ows said...

Haha, well spotted, I wonder how long that's been like that? probably since they scanned it in!

Glad you're still "about"

Paul said...

I've been reading your posts via RSS but because of things at work I found it difficult to engage in any meaningful debate.

Span Ows said...

So I hear. I hope my Mr Angry hasn't got you down! ;-)