Monday, October 18, 2010

Overrunning otters...

Not wanting to bad mouth the good news that the otter populations have recovered and are "back from the brink of extinction" (some areas at maximum capacity levels) but it is reported that the "Where once the population may have been as low as a few hundred, it is now thought to run into thousands". Yet HERE in the we're told that "Since July 2007 CUOP have taken otters from the whole of England and Wales, and have so far examined over a thousand otters from all over the UK, predominantly killed in road traffic accidents" (my emphasis). If over a thousand have been roadkill in a few years, why are the numbers only "thought" to run into thousands?

Update (about 5 minutes later!): maybe I misread it, or it's badly written and that it's really 'over a thousand' since 1992...mind you, over a thousand in 15 years is still a massive number if the population was considered "as low as a few hundred".

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