Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Objurgating obscurantic objicients...

Tuition fee tossers, Tuition fee twats, call them what you will. Objurgating obscurantist objicients. Or, in other words: rebuking the objectors that deliberately prevent full facts/details becoming known. Riots in London, student protest turns violent. Lefty Marxist student rent-a-mob tagging along with the useful idiot NUS - that now decry such violence - complete coincidence they decided to route the march ending right next to Conservative HQ. Also, I wouldn't mind betting that anyone interviewed wouldn't have a fucking clue what the proposals were. Do they know that the student gets to repay the loan over 25 years and that is according to their ability to pay and that any outstanding tuition fee debt will be written-off. Or that graduates earning below £21,000/year wouldn't pay any real interest on loans. Where was this anger when Labour brought in tuition fees? Where is the press decrying the ridiculous state of affairs where 40 or 50% of students go to university thereby massaging unemployment figures and giving another excuse to import more immigrants because all those who before got jobs etc are now "forced" into higher education?

Let's look at this tripling of tuition fees: how much does it add to the typical student's probable debt/loan/etc. I know it's simplistic looking at the totals and assuming all students will be in the same boat, but anyway: does it triple it? No. Does it double it? No. Is it the same? No. Is it less? On the lower end, YES!!!! Look at the image left (click for BBC article) and add the current and proposed total, using 6000 which is the new lower cap and not 9000 quid which is the upper tier that universities 'can only charge' if they have sufficient access for poorer students i.e. better for poor families and better for any student because universities that are currently at full stretch due to Labour's fucking stupid equalisation social engineering fuck-fest would have more to invest in their education.

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