Saturday, November 20, 2010

Obstrobogulous obscurantism...

Venezuela to repay $336M of debt to Colombia. Also, both countries have vowing to cooperate more in the anti-drug war AND Venezuela has deported three suspected rebels back to Colombia in a sign of improved cooperation between the two countries [VOA]. Sounds good you say...but this is the cost of obscurantism...clearly Chavez is so relieved that Colombia has decided to extradite Walid Makled to Venezuela and not to the evil empire - a drug trafficker who claims he has paid millions of dollars to senior military officials and politicians in the Venezuelan government, and can prove it - is now surely facing a mystery death an unfortunate accident.

A poll at El Universal (image, click to enlarge) is currently almost 91% of the opinion that either he won't get a decent trial in Venezuela or that it would a more balanced trial in the USA (which IMHO is what Chavez is afraid of). 

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