Saturday, November 20, 2010

One overriding objection...

Economic..."not ill-considered or xenophobic, as subsequent critics have repeatedly claimed".

Peter Oborne sings the praises of Margaret Thatcher and William Hague on their Euro warnings. He also "tried to reach the leading politicians who tried so hard 10 years ago to abolish the pound – Heseltine, Leon Brittan, Mandelson, Neil Kinnock, Charlie Kennedy. I wanted to ask them whether they stood by their extravagant warnings. I wanted to ask them for an apology. Not one of them came back... ...Other apologies are called for. From the BBC, which distorted the debate."

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Paul said...

"Ken Clarke and Michael Heseltine treacherously spoke alongside Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson."

See that sums up for me what is wrong with politics, it's all about having to be a sheep following the party line rather than thinking as an indvidual. I prefer the pick n mix approach.

I think Peter Oborne is being very arrogant if he thinks a difference of opinion warrants an apology.

I think its 20 years this week since the old handbag retired, I'm sure you'll have the box of tissues to hand!

Span Ows said...

hehehe...he is arrogant but I think he wants an apology for them getting it so wrong (and the BBc for not giving the whole story re Europe...they still don't IMHO)

You're right re different opinions but there are ways of stating different opinions and not snidely wrangling bear-traps for your colleagues. I know you like Tarzan, I respect his business brain but otherwise he's a cunt.

Next week...yes, I can clearly remember, I was alone in an isolated farm house in the wilds of rural Venezuela crouched by the radio listening - stunned and open-mouthed - to the world service. In no particular order: coups in Venezuela? pah. UK and US wars? pah. Lady Di death? pah. Maggie out?...gobsmacked. I kid you not.