Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oikofugic Ows orts...

No real story, unless you want to talk about something that's dead boring (boom-boom!)

This is really just an info post for myself to link to a few interesting points re the tuiton fees saga. Open Europe yesterday had an interesting piece on why a Graduate tax just isn't possible because "EU citizens studying in another EU member state must be treated under the same conditions" [EU link]; which is presumably why we have the news that Scotland will be pretty much following England's lead; that led me to see what-was-what about student finance, the reality and myths of the proposals etc, I knew - unlike almost every student interviewed in any media over the last few weeks - but want to have a handy record here with the appropriate links for when the new protests start.

P.S. I'm sure oikofugic isn't what you think it means.

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Paul said...

See us grown-ups know but those who really should know can't be arsed. Have to say I'm generally appalled by the lack of wit shown by some of the protestors. When you watch archive footage of the 60's not everybody goes, "yeah man," every sentence, unfortunately in the 21st Century every sentence must be puntuated by the word like.

I'll leave quietly, I'm beginning to sound like Emma Thompson.

Span Ows said...

...I am in full agreement! (except for the alst bit!...hehehe)