Sunday, May 08, 2011

Objective Osborne...

Apparently, the Lib Dems view George Osborne as "a divisive figure"..."[he] constantly has his eye on a Conservative majority in 2015 and he is not minded to help out the Liberal Democrats any more than he has to." Erm...why shouldn't he?

In an exclusive report in the Independent today LD big-wigs have a list of demands, one of which is to rein-in Osborne: "He was the one who pushed Cameron into mobilising the full Tory machine against us in the referendum." Really? Along with most Conservatives AND half of Labour? Certainly, Tim Montgomerie's excellent piece today highlights this (and the whole 'inside story' of the cross-party cooperation and how they were right to have a positive defence of FPTP and not just attack AV...although there was plenty of that!) "Downing Street worried about this tactic [targeting Clegg] but the Labour half of the No campaign insisted that Clegg's face and his 'broken promises' needed to feature prominently on all literature."

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