Monday, May 02, 2011

Oil, Obama, Osama, ojalá...

Oil prices have fallen already after Obama announced last night that Osama Bin Laden is dead. Of course it could be just the slow trade for the holidays! World leaders have already said that this makes the world a safer place, ojalá, but I doubt it: they have killed a figurehead and that may dent the morale of a few loyal followers but that's about it: the US and Australia have already issued warnings to their citizens abroad.

"In countries with significant Muslim populations, international schools, embassies and other potential targets were putting extra security measures in place in case of reprisals."

Update: Osama Obit [BBC]. For someone who has stated on more than one occasion that "killing Americans and their allies was a Muslim duty" OBL should be described as a bit more than "a dissident" don't you think? The writer of that obituary seems almost a fan: the word 'terrorist' appears only once - and then only as a third party description - in the very last line of that 40 paragraph article!

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