Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Operation orchidectomy...

Painful indeed...but is it true? Are "the politics of permanent coalition" really being given serious thought? From the first link, Vulture (18:56) gets my vote. Voting, ah yes, that historical activity, interesting info from last year that I hadn't seen before: since 1964 the number of people identifying with a particular political party has fallen from 45% to 9% and the number of non-voters in the age-group 18-34 has risen from 15% to 50%, FFS!

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Paul said...

Interesting idea, they really need each other to stay in power don't they? I do wonder how much influence the old 'right' of the party has nowadays, your hero John Redwood is always wheeled out for a quote or two but other than that seems condemned to be the angry man of the interweb.

Re the 18-34 group, how much of that is down to the way the curriculum has changed over the years regarding history, economics etc?

Span Ows said...

Angry? Noooo! But you're right (no pun intended) in a way: if they're not careful they will be completely marginalised and in a dilemma whether to join UKIP or form another party leaving the Cameroons and the Orange Bookers to fill the middle and oping Labour don't re-regain the lost middle would be great to hear what someone with no inkling of British politics to try to decipher what I've just written!

re the 18-34..how many of the 18 lot are the children o the 34s! :-)