Sunday, June 19, 2011

Opposition offensive: out of office overseas...

This week has seen Krusty not knowing when he'll be back so is running Venezuela from Cuba: doctors haven't told him...he's in Cuba and remains in Cuba recoving from pelvic abscess - apparently. And he's turning Venezuela into another Cuba; certainly that's my opinion and it's what ex-Colombian president Uribe said in an interview broadcast by the 'The Night' on NTN24 TV: [Link Spanish] "[Chavez] is eliminating the independence of institutions, is eliminating private enterprise... ...he is confident that he will not fail like the 'old communisms' because the oil makes difference."

Update: from The Guardian June 22nd, "Hugo Chávez silence fuels fears of power vacuum in Venezuela... ...President has gone uncharacteristically quiet as he recovers from surgery in Cuba, prompting rumours over his health and warnings of instability"

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