Monday, July 18, 2011

Obganiating on oligopoly...

Great stuff, IMHO, from Allister Heath, Editor of the independent daily business newspaper City A.M.
"ALL too predictably, some politicians and powerful individuals with an interest in a servile media are using the hacking crisis to cripple freedom of speech, to advance their own ideological agendas and to damage commercial journalism."
"The media and the police need to be thoroughly cleaned-up, and cosy, crony relationships with politicians must be smashed. In most cases, however, the necessary laws already exist, and this cleansing must target any malpractice across the industry, not just at one firm."..."Some of the rules being mooted would have prevented the MPs' expenses scandal as well as the Wikileaks stories."

We know News International is the biggest newspaper company in the UK but what about online, TV or radio? " many cases the BBC has extremely high market shares and has crushed private competitors". This isn't healthy: dangerous times indeed.

oligopoly n. - a market dominated by a few producers.
obganiate v. - to irritate with reiteration

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