Monday, July 18, 2011

Only one oligarchy... the British media. "For example, traditional Christians are all fundamentalist bigots; the science of man-made global warming is settled; opponents of mass immigration are racist; Eurosceptics are swivel-eyed fanatics; and all who oppose these opinions and more are Right-wing extremists...

...The Murdoch empire may need to be brought sternly to book over the hacking scandal. But the media monopoly that really has undermined and demoralised British society and deserves to be broken up is the BBC
". I agree and IMHO the "evidence" gets greater and clearer every day; ironically, considering the author of these quotes, I would add the USA to the list in the first paragraph because anyone wanting to know what's going on over the pond would be hopelessly lost if they relied on the Beeb. Read more.

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Paul said...

Sorry but I think Mel, like Janet Daley at the weekend, is completely missing the point. Yes the BBC might be enjoying the fallout but this whole debate should be about democracy and what is happening in this country, not blaming the BBC yet again.

Reading Phillips and Daley you'd be forgiven for thinking that this story wasn't being carried elsewhere and that other countries weren't worried about the Murdoch empire. In the USA and Australia questions are being asked and the FBI aren't on the payroll of the BBC.

I really, really despair when I see some of what the right wing hacks are writing at the moment. And of course the irony that so much is being discussed on the internet is simply going over their heads as they see their influence slowly being eroded as people finally use the democracy of the internet to find a voice.

Two resignations at the Yard in the last twenty four hours - must be down to the evil BBC.

Span Ows said...

Well you'll be plesased to see some of the comments on her article are giving her a good slagging, mind you reading some you'd definitely get the impression of a coordinated rebuttal (multiple recommendations etc...happens on CIF a lot)

I know these things aren't "the fault" of the BBC but where is the balance? have they even mentioned the Mirror (or the Mail!) Have they mentioned Brown or Blair's connections to NI? Have they mentioned when all these cases occurred and what other media use such methods? Have they actually asked the ominpresent Yvette (her husband is now officially invisible) Cooper about the hypocrisy in calling for Cameron to resign? Have they mentioned Katherine Raymond who was an adviser to Blunkett and Brown (partner of Les Hinton). The BBC seem to be taking May 2010 as 'ground zero' (borrowed) in this hacking saga. As I read elsewhere they seem on a jihad with this (imagine if the boot were on the other foot!)

The FBI thing was at the behest of a Rep (with no evidence whatsoever), sort of a self-fulling faux rage fest and "how can we stiff FOX news"; I know it may come as a horrible surprise but Fox News is the most popular because it's the best and as I have said many times isn't half as bias as I think the BBC is.

Span Ows said...

P.S. Cressida Dick who will replace Yates is a good friend of my sister...or at least when they were 'connected', not sure since Sis retired!

Span Ows said...

P.P.S...Oh, and Hugh Orde is a friend of a friend!

Paul said...

Simon Hughes is the man to watch in the U.K he has brought up the matter of the other newspapers on the BBC and he has also hinted at the BBC being involved, if you can read between the lines.