Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Old Osram opinion...

No offence to Osram at all (in fact I had a very close family connection with the brand); just handy that it's the lightbulb manufacturer whose image is on this BBC Magazine article: "The 60W bulb: A luminary love affair". "The once ubiquitous 60W light bulb is about to plop off the production line for the last time across Europe." And it won't just be going the way of candles, oh no, as of tomorrow, September 1st, an EU-wide BAN on "the manufacturing and importing of 60W incandescent clear light bulbs comes into force". Exactly 2 years ago, the EU had already admitted that 'Energy saving' light bulbs are "not as bright as their traditional counterparts and claims about the amount of light they produce are 'exaggerated'" (!!!) but I'd like to give you a personal example of the apparent benefits (Source: Energy Saving, really!) I have one 60W bulb which has lasted 4 years (and counting) in my modern apartment: I have replaced 20 cunting energy saving ugly shite bulbs - at least two more than twice. My comments in (bold):
1. Can run for up to 10,000 hours (but never do, not even close)
2. Use up to 80% less electricity than a standard bulb (straw man/see no.4)
3. Fitting just one bulb can save you on average £2.50 a year (so at least 2 years to recoup the exorbitant cost and you need to change them before that anyway)
4. More expensive but difference will be recouped on electricity bill in about a year (the more expensive is damn right, the rest is a fucking lie)
5. Invention of "soft tone" bulbs has given them a warmer glow (and?)
6. Dimmable bulbs are now available (what the fuck for? they're dim enough already)

P.S. Gildy has posted on this topic twice before (you'll note my wrath in the comments).

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The Great Gildersleeve said...

Oh I so agree Span...not forgetting most do not fit existing light fittings. You are not supposed to throw them in with the usual refuse. Save money? They're having a laugh, the price of power keeps rising so any saving is lost. As I have to use them more and more I have to use higher wattage to try and increase the light lost due to that soft light rubbish.

And you can bet their are professions that require a stronger light to work by so some lights that are not energy saving will still be made or alternative will have to be found...TV Studios, Operating theatres in hospitals, Theatres, search lights used in rescue situations and so on.

It will make no difference to the Global Warming argument.

Span Ows said...

Exactly Gildy. Just another complete rip-off; what a waste of time and money etc.