Friday, November 04, 2011

Other Occupier's options...

Extreme religious fundamentalists...
By now, 406 years ago, a man would be preparing the final touches to The Jesuit Treason (The Gunpowder Plot); by midnight on the 4th November it had been foiled; it was an attempt at mass murder, destruction and the prime aim was regicide: it was a religious fundamentalist plot. The Fawkes mask that many are using in current protests (to hide their identity?...clearly no real commitment to their cause then...oh, "What cause?", you ask, good question) is based on the plotter that was caught guarding the explosives beneath the House of Lords, or, the V for Vendetta character, except that both these had very, very clear objectives. The OLSX crowd have no clear aim one achievement so far: the Rt Rev Michael Colclough - canon pastor of St Paul's Cathedral - has insisted that the cathedral and the C of E's reputation had not been damaged by recent events...hmmm...maybe OLSX is really another Catholic plot! Anyway, as long as they remain peaceful they'll probably maintain some goodwill - unlike elsewhere - but, to quote TheGeneral in the comments from BBBC, why will no interviewer ask "Just what exactly do you want done, who do you want to do it and to what time scale?".

P.S. If you have time to spare it wold be worth a read of David Prieser's account and opinion from last weekend on the US 'Occupiers'.

P.P.S. Paul, Gildy tells us you're fine and will be back (maybe revamped or with a different blogging platform?)

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Anonymous said...

OWS is a controlled-op op.

There are criminals at the highest levels, but the "occupiers" being co-opted and misled are just as lost as some of the bankers. I'd hug an ordinary banker before those leading OWS in a heart-beat.

Love to all who identify the root of our world's ills, and to all who are just lost.