Saturday, November 19, 2011

'Obese' officialdom...

Trimming the fat, or slashing the FATS (Framework Agreement for Technical Support) which is what is needed: in the midst of apparent cuts in numbers of soldiers an internal audit tells us that they're a bunch of wasteful shits that have no fucking idea how to get value for money nor give a shit because it's only taxpayers' money. Well, not in so many words but it does say that MOD has an army of consultants on which the spending has increased from six million quid in 2006 to 297 million in 2010 (2011 will be £267m) WTF? Like the Border Agency screw-ups, once again, we are told (by Defence Secretary, Philip Hammond) that the "legacy of mismanagement is deep and will take some time to turn around." A new FATs scheme due to begin in April next year should be more tightly controlled...don't hold your breath.

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