Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Outrageous Ows...

I mean outrageous Span Ows (me) and not outrageous OWS (the aimless smellies run by corrupt spongers in New York). OK; I say outrageous me because I am going to decry the ridiculous news that "Basic home care help 'breaching human rights'" [BBC]. First the caveat: "The home care review said about half of people who had given evidence reported real satisfaction with care". Good. Next, the problem I have: the common complaints made by others:
1. Older people not being given enough support to eat and drink, with some staff arguing health and safety restrictions prevented them preparing hot meals.
2. Neglect because care workers stick rigidly to their tasks, such as a case when a woman was left stuck on the toilet because staff were too busy.
3. Financial abuse, including money being systematically stolen over a period of time.
4. Chronic disregard for privacy and dignity, such as leaving people unwashed and putting them to bed in the afternoon.
5. Patronising behaviour, with cases highlighted including staff talking on mobile phones while they tended to clients.
6. Physical abuse involving pushing and rough handling.

All these problems can be resolved by simply removing the carer...thereby 'curing' these breaches of human rights. Immediate results are a major cost saving and reduction of human rights abuses. Thank you.

P.S. (late update): just to be clear -I'm not a monster - what irritates me is the HR thing.

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Paul said...

It is terrible the way we treat our elderly. However I have witnessed at first hand the poor treatment of them whilst in hospital and I think it comes down to a lack of patience and compassion rather than outright nastiness. One other thing, and it doesn't excuse any beheviour, is that local authority carers are the lowest paid workers in the UK often earning below minimum wage when travel time and expenses are taken into account.

Span Ows said...

Me too (seen it) and it is very sad. (hello by the way! Was about to reply asking where/how you were but presumed you were alive and kicking on your other web 'haunts'.