Saturday, March 17, 2012

Orchestral overtures...

Orchestral manoeuvres in the park; could this work in local government? Harry Phibbs reflects** on the words of Derek Myers, chairman of SOLACE (the trade union for Council Chief Execs) who in turn was commenting on how councils could learn from the example of orchestras where 'all the players are self-employed and see themselves as part of a company';
"...This sense of community promotes high standards. Peer pressure seems to encourage the relatively indolent, and identifies those who need to be eased out. Promotion owes nothing to length of service and everything to talent."
Efforts toward employee engagement are nothing new but the public sector is a different animal; obviously in an orchestra it is far easier to notice when someone isn't quite right; in truth I find it difficult to imagine many council employees really 'encouraging' their no so keen colleagues; I personally think we are 'too far down the road' to enable the success of such moves.

** Harry also reflects on the hypocrisy of the BBC and the Left re tax avoidance.

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